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A Unique Approach...

At Flexations, we avoid the "Cookie Cutter" norm, and believe in flexibility in the design of our products.

Starting with an idea or concept from our clients, we create products which are both unique and affordable at the same time.


Promotional gift ideas have a history of over 200 years, which started in the newspaper printing industry as a form of value added service.

Since then, corporate gifts have evolved many times over. Today, gift giving are used for many different purposes, and they include advertising, product launch, events, open house, team building, rapport building, client retention and appreciation gestures.

As such, more often than not, clients are continuously looking for something unique, something different from what they have done last year. This is where we come in. Rather than offering our clients to choose from a list of products that are commonly available, we start from the most crucial and yet basic element, which is the idea that you, as our potential valued client have in mind.

Product Highlights

car dvr

In Car DVRs. Full HD quality,  rich recording features, logo printing available. 


Foldable water bottles. Full colour custom printing available.